SRTMiniServer Advantages

Sometimes I got a question:

vMix can receive SRT streams directly, so what are the benefits of using SRTMiniServer?

It's good question and let me explain advantages of SRTMiniServer

If shortly: SRTMiniServer it's specialized app for accepting SRT and it's main our task.

More detailed:

One port for many streams

  • SRTMiniServer uses one port only for many incoming streams, for example 9001.
  • vMix requires port for each stream, so you need use 9001,9002 etc.

Proxy Addon

  • SRTMiniServer suggests approach for Studios without dedicated IP.
  • vMix requires dedicated IP for accept feeds from Internet. It requires port-forwarding setup also.

Please see here about this approach.

Conference Addon

SRTMiniServer includes Conference Addon - tool for conference

Smoothly output

SRTMiniServer uses special buffer for smoothly output (playing), so resulting stream comes without freeze and dropps.

Multichannel audio support

SRTMiniServer can accept multi-channel (16) audios and covert to multi-channel NDI

Feedback features

SRTMiniServer includes Cross-Line function. It allows organize two-way communications.See here and here

MPEG-2 support

You can send SRT with MPEG-2 encoded video to SRTMiniServer.


SRTMiniServer allows slide-listing by remote expert.

Flexible workflow

There are exists "Unix-way" idea: one app for one task. This approach allows build flexible and stable workflows.And we created SRTMiniServer for this idea. Performance optimized only for one task.

You can use SRTMiniServer for one task (accept SRT) and use other app for next production step (mixing by vMix for example).It's more flexible and stable. Also you can deploy SRTMiniServer on other PC and use output for many apps at same time on other PC (vMix, OBS, Tricaster)

Set of free tools

We offers free tools like SRTStreamer, RemoteExpert, Stream2Studio.You can use this apps with vMix, no problem. But for full power such as two-way communications and slide-listing we recommended use SRTMiniServer

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