New release SRT MiniServer 2.4.3

We are pleased to present you the new release of SRT MiniServer 2.4.3.
Here's what we've added.

Tally status display
SRT MiniServer now displays Tally information it receives from video mixers such as vMix. This applies to the situation when the video mixer uses NDI streams from SRT MiniServer.

UDP multicast: ability to specify a network interface
If you have several network interfaces installed on your server, then when using relay using the UDP multicast protocol, you can specify which network interface to use.

SDI Out Addon: automatic switching to backup line
Now in the SDI Out Addon it is possible to specify backup lines. If for some reason the signal on the main line is lost, then the corresponding SDI output will begin to receive a signal from the backup line. If after some time the main line “comes to life”, an automatic return will be made and a signal from it will be sent to the SDI output. It is possible to specify several backup lines.

"No Decode" mode
For some cases, there is no need to decode incoming signals. That's why we've added the ability to disable decoding. This allows you to significantly save server resources. Read more here.

Start/Stop record on-fly
Due to numerous requests, we have added the ability to enable/disable stream recording on-fly.

Compatible with AJA Helo Plus
As it turned out, AJA Helo Plus sends a certain preset streamid. This created inconvenience when connecting it to the SRT MiniServer. We took this into account in this release and now our customers can use AJA Helo Plus with SRT MiniServer as easily as other SRT encoders (Haivision, Kiloview, Magewell).


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