Start from Command Line

You can run SRTMiniServer and SRTStreamer from command line or by BAT-file with ini-file as parameters.

Prepare config

Both apps have menu Config --> Save Config

Save config for SRTMiniServer

Use config

You can run

SRTMiniServer.exe MyServerConfig.ini

SRTStreamer.exe SpecialConfig.ini


  • if you need auto-listen for SRTMiniServer then you need check "Start listen on run" inside Settings
  • SRTStreamer will be auto connects when you start it in this maner

Use BAT-file

You can create special file and run the app by clicks


  • create new text file by Notepad
  • type string

start "" "%ProgramFiles(x86)%\SRTStreamer\SRTStreamer.exe" D:\MyConfig.ini

  • save it as "MyShortcut.bat" for example. Please note: ".bat" extension should be in name (it means executable file for Windows)

You can create many bat - files and run it by clicks.

example for run SRTStreamer with special config

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