Custom proxy server

You can deploy SRT-proxy server on your host. For this we provide special Docker-image.

We recommended use this because our servers is public and may be under hight load.

Step 1: rent Linux server

You can use VPS or Dedicated. Power does not make sence, because proxy works like router and only bandwidth and location make sense.

About OS: we recommended use Ubuntu or Centos.

For example: we use VPS with 2 core ($15) for our proxy servers.

Be aware: sometimes providers offers VPS based on OpenVZ. Please don't use it because OpenVZ does not support Docker. If you not sure just ask provider simple question "Can I deploy Docker image on this server?"

Step 2: install Docker

for Ubuntu it's easy, just run this commands:

sudo apt-get update

sudo apt-get install

NOTE: we recommended use actual Docker-installation guide for your system from Docker site

Step 3: run SRT-Proxy

just use this command

docker run -p=8088:8088 -p=20000-20400:20000-20400/udp --env ALLOW_PORT_STICK=ON --restart=always -d garaninapps/srt_proxy


  • At first time the command takes more time because it will download srt-proxy image
  • This command use pool of 20000 – 20400 ports(UDP) and allow “sticked” port (see below)
  • We recommended use your owned proxy servers because our servers is public and may be under hight load.
  • Many hosting platforms allow pay on hour of usage, so you can hibernate your server and use only for events.

Step 4: check firewall

Some cloud providers block non-standard ports by default.If you can't connect to your server then please check section usually called like "Firewall rules" or "Network security"

This ports should be opened on your server for inbound connections:

  • TCP: 8088
  • UDP: 20000-20400

Sticked port

By default Proxy Server assing random port (between 20000-20400) for SRTMiniServer.But since version SRTMiniServer 1.5 you can fix this port.

For example you can use 20330 always. Just type your custom server as IP:20330

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