SRT MiniServer
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  • 10. Perfomance Tips and Tricks

10. Perfomance Tips and Tricks

We got many questions about PC specifications for SRTMiniServer
It strongly depends on the parameters of incoming streams.
For example:  notebook with Core-i5 uses 17% for 4 incoming streams of HD@25fps/2Mbs (see details below)
SRTMiniServer does two expensive operations:
Let's go over these points

Decode incoming feed

SRTMiniServer allows select "software decode" or "hardware decode"(means GPU). But we recommended use "software" in many cases.
Resume: using CPU for decode is preferable.

Encode to NDI

NDI uses only CPU. No options.

Perfomance testing tools

This section provides basic guidelines on how you can test your server's performance using different approaches. Some of the main ways are: