SRT MiniServer
User guide

7.2. Remote Control

SRTMiniServer supports remote control by browser. Also it supports Web API for access by scripts.For activate remote control web-server please press icon and Start as on image below:
You can see info in browser
You can use HTTP requests to read and update SRTMiniServer.
You can see example of the api inside code.js file.
GET /api/v1/read - returns info about all lines
POST /api/v1/line/LINE_NUM/disconnect - for disconnect line
POST /api/v1/line/LINE_NUM/resetbuffer - for resetbuffer
GET /api/v1/line/LINE_NUM/streamid - for read current streamid for line
POST /api/v1/line/LINE_NUM/streamid - need parameter: streamid (string)
for setup streamid for line
Access Control for Web API
You can use empty "Secret Key" and ignore this section.
If you use non-empty "Secret Key" then any request should includes query params “tick” and “sign”.
tick: integer value. SHOULD BE GROWTH: next request value greater previous value. You can use timestamp for this.
sign: md5 hash from string “tick:secret_key“
Example for javascript: