HW Encoders (Kiloview, URay etc )

SRTMiniServer successfully used with many hardware SRT encoders from Haivision, Kiloview, Teradek etc.

But some models use early version of SRT and does not support SRT-feature for access control ("streamid").

HW encoders without "Stream ID" field

So not all encoders support “streamid” feature yet (was introduced on SRT 1.3.3 only).

For this "old" encoders you can type "default" in few Lines inside SRT MiniServer.

BE AWARE: ignore streamid is potential security risk (see explanation below)

Short explanation about streamid

Early versions of SRT requires "one stream - one port". It's not useful and not secure: everyone can send stream to this port.

yes, exists 'passphrase' feature for secure. But it means encryption. It means ~20% overhead for bandwidth. It's not good for many cases

So in version 1.3.3 of SRT "streamid" feature was introduced (https://github.com/Haivision/srt/blob/master/docs/AccessControl.md)

It very seems as "stream key" for RTMP, and allows accept multiple feeds on one port.

It's recommended way.

So our products use this way. Many encoders (vMix, OBS, LarixBroadcaster and HW encoders) support "streamid".

But few encoders and servers not yet (but have in plan).

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