JVC: return feed how to

Last version of firmware for JVC cameras allows play SRT return feed from Studio.It's very cool but unfortunately this firmware does not allow type "streamid" for setup return feed.

Anyway you can use this simple workaround for use this feature.


  • type "jvc_return_hub" as Stream ID to any line (I use Line #8 in my example)
  • setup CrossLine for send feed from other line as return feed to line from first step


SRT Mini Server configuration


  • I streamed to Line#1 (called DIRECTOR) from SRTStreamer (you can use any SRT encoder)
  • JVC-camera is connected to Line #8 (use "Play" button on cam)
  • CrossLine send feed from Line #1 to Line #8.

NOTES: you can connect up to 5 JVC cameras to Line #8 in this configuration.
All cameras will be get return feed from Line #1

Result: return feed from Studio inside JVC camera

About ConferenceAddon tool

In our example we use CrossLine tool: it's low-level tool for routing SRT feeds.
Also we provide easy tool for two-way communications between many points called ConferenceAddon.It supports mix-minus audio etc.
But you can not use it for JVC cameras because this device does not support stream id for return feed configuration yet.

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