OBS Setup

It's simple guide for two tasks:

  • How to stream from OBS to SRTMiniServer
  • How to play stream from SRTMiniServer by OBS

Start SRTMiniServer

Streaming from OBS

for OBS you need move to Settings -->Stream and type field Server as on image:

setup SRT

We typed streamid field inside URL srt://

Also you can add other SRT-params to URL by '&', for example latency (ms)


setup SRT with few parameters

Please be aware wrong setup:WRONG setup


press Start Streaming in OBS.

SRTMiniServer will accepts connection and you can see Preview.

What's next? Please open your mixer software and use NDI from SRTMiniServer for next production stages.

Setup OBS for play SRT from SRTMiniServer

It's easy: you need add "Media Source" and do setup:

configuration for play SRT

Please note: we added special #feedbackplay suffix to stream id
BTW: you can use #talkback suffix as well as #feedbackplay

Connection through Internet

In this post we described connection inside local network. Connection through Internet very similar but you need additional setup on SRTMiniServer side:

for OBS setup still same.For example if you use ProxyAddon:

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