PC requirements

We got many questions about PC requirements for SRTMiniServer

  • What is CPU I need for 5 feeds simulteniously ?
  • What is GPU I need ?

Ok, before let me note SRTMiniServer does two expensive operations:

  • decode incoming feed (from h264 or h265 or mpeg2)
  • encode to NDI feed

Let's go over these points

Decode incoming feed

SRTMiniServer allows select "software decode" or "hardware decode"(means GPU). But we recommended use "software" in many cases.


  • "hardware" decoding is very sensitive to format. If shortly - NVidia decoder perfect for feed only from NVidia encoder.
  • hardware decoder usually has limit for simultaneous session (usually 2-3).

Resume: using CPU for decode is preferable.

Encode to NDI

NDI uses only CPU. No options.


  • GPU does not make sense
  • CPU is make sense. We recommended use Core i7 or Core i9 and 16 Gb RAM.
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