How to play SRT from server

SRTMiniServer accepts incoming SRT feeds and converts to NDI feeds. It's main function, but ...

What's about provide SRT to play ?

For example we want read SRT by other vMix remotely when NDI is impossible.

In last version we provide power function called "CrossLine" and it allows re-sending SRT to player.

Setup SRTMiniServer

  • We have Line 1 with stream id as streamkey1ABC
  • incoming SRT from Line 1 will be re-sent to Line 1 (by CrossLine matrix)

Main points for understanding:

  • for encoder we need use streamid equals streamkey1ABC
  • for player we should use streamid equals streamkey1ABC#feedbackplay (we add special suffix)

NOTES: for one line you can connect up to 5 players.

Setup vMix for play SRT from SRTMiniServer

for example we can read SRT by vMix

  • use "caller" mode
  • don't forget setup stream id with special suffix "#feedbackplay"

SRT playback

Setup OBS for play SRT from SRTMiniServer

It's easy: you need add "Media Source" and do setup:

configuration for play SRT

Setup VLC for play SRT from SRTMiniServer

Unfortunately current version (3.0.11) uses old SRT-lib and does't support "streamid". So it's impossible use VLC with our server yet.

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