Remote Control and Web API

SRTMiniServer supports remote control by browser. Also it supports Web API for access by scripts. For activate remote control web-server please press icon and Start as on image below:

  • Listen IP: by default web-server use all interfaces. You can type for local-host only usage for example.
  • Web Port: TCP port
  • Secret Key: used for access control. Optional.

you can see info in browser


You can use HTTP requests to read and update SRTMiniServer.
You can see example of the api inside code.js file.


  • LINE_NUM: line number (1,2, etc)
  • If you use "Secret Key" then you need additional params (see section below)


GET /api/v1/read
returns info about all lines

POST /api/v1/line/LINE_NUM/disconnect
for disconnect line

POST /api/v1/line/LINE_NUM/resetbuffer
for resetbuffer

GET /api/v1/line/LINE_NUM/streamid
for read current streamid for line

POST /api/v1/line/LINE_NUM/streamid
need parameter: streamid (string)
for setup streamid for line

Access Control for Web API

You can use empty "Secret Key" and ignore this section.

If you use non-empty "Secret Key" then any request should includes query params “tick” and “sign”.

tick: integer value. SHOULD BE GROWTH: next request value greater previous value. You can use timestamp for this.

sign: md5 hash from string “tick:secret_key“

Example for javascript:

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