Speed Test for SRT

Many users use web-service like SpeedTest.net for detect incoming/outgoing speed of Internet connection.

It's perfect but for live-streaming this measurement result can be not true, because:

  • it works in browser => it measures speed for web-surfing, not for binary
  • it measures speed just to near server
  • sometimes ISP prioritize speed for HTTP/HTTPS (for web-surfing) and reduce speed for other traffic (like torrents etc).

It means such measurement can shows 50 Mbs but in really for live-streaming you will get 5 Mbs only.

We provide special speed-test feature for SRTMiniServer

for SRTStreamer

  • run SRTMiniServer in Studio
  • run SRTStreamer in Location

Type server url and stream id to SRTStreamer and press "Speed test"

result of measurement

If you see big value for "lost pkts" (>10%) then increase "latency" field

What's next ?

For example you got 5000 Kbs. We recommend setup 80% for live streaming ( 4000Kbs).

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