Stress Test

We got many questions about PC requirements for SRTMiniServer.

You can read this post about theory.

But it's not provide answer for this question:

Can my PC with SRTMiniServer handles 8 SRT feeds simultaneously where every feed is FullHD@30fps/10Mbs ?

For this we create special tool called SRTStressTool. It's easy way for imitate many SRT feeds.

Step 1

Prepare file with your content. In our example it should be FullHD@30fps with 10Mbs bitrate.Our tool will send this file "as is" (without transcoding).We recommend use duration 2-5 mins. Anyway our tool will play this file by loop.

NOTE: you can use record option in SRTMiniServer for dump feed from encoder.

Step 2

Start SRTMiniServer on your PC and type "default" for 8 lines.

Step 3

Add NDI sources from SRTMiniServer to vMix or other app for activate NDI workflow.Or you can run few NDI Studio Monitor.

Be aware: if you ignore this step then your test it's not true because NDI encoding/decoding will be not-active.

Step 4

Download SRTStressTool by this link and install it

Run SRTStressTool and

  • select your file (from Step 2)
  • type SRT url
  • type count of feeds for imitate (8)

and press Start



You can open Task Manager and check CPU , Memory , GPU perfomance and got answer for your question.

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