Use for tele-conference

SRTMiniServer and SRTStreamer allow easy build SRT tele-conference workflow up to 16 participants.

It's a power of two features:

  • CrossLine
  • Multi-channel audio support

Common scheme

from Locations to Studio

  • Locations use SRTStreamer for send signal to Studio
  • SRTMiniServer accepts feeds from Locations and convert to NDI
  • vMix takes feeds by NDI
  • vMix make video mix and multi-channel audio bus (no mix-minus etc)

from Studio to Locations

  • vMix streams SRT to SRTMiniServer (with multi-channel audio)
  • SRTMiniServer re-stream SRT from vMix to all locations (see CrossLine setup below)
  • SRTStreamer shows feed from Studio with all audio channels
  • SRTStreamer can mute audio channels from itself.

Cross-line setup example:

In this example incomming SRT to Line 1 will be re-send as feedback for Lines 2,3,4

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