Synchronization by TimeCode

We introduce new feature: synchronization of feeds by timecode.

Common info

Some SRT encoders like new JVC-cams and Haivision-encoder, can do this:

  • synchronize internal clock by time-server (usually by NTP protocol).
    It means all encoders have one clock:if one camera has time 11:59:59 then other cameras have same time.

  • send this time inside encoded feed.

There are exists few ways for send time-info inside feed. Current version SRTMiniServer supports popular 'timecode inside SEI' method only. Other methods will be supported later.

How it works

  • start streams from JVC cams (or other SRT encoders with Timecode support)
  • run TimeCode Sync addon
  • add lines to addon
  • press "Auto balance"
  • now you can use NDI source called "TimeCodeSync-*" in vMix, Tricaster etc

For example: we stream one monitor with real timecode (it shows mins,seconds and frames).

before: result is different

after: result is very close. 1-frame diff

What's about accuracy ?

In real test we have 1-3 frames accuracy for 60 fps feeds. It's enough in many cases.


We tested addon on feed from Haivision Makito X4 encoder and JVC

Makito X4 feeds

JVC cams feeds: resulted image from vMix

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