Converting HLS stream to SDI

There are many TV-companies among our clients. And they quite often received the following task, which actually has no direct relation to SRT protocol.

It is formulated as follows:

We are given an HLS (or RTMP, RTSP) link and it needs to be given to our SDI infrastructure.
In this case there are the following conditions:

  • the source signal is provided in Progressive format, but the client's SDI-infrastructure requires Interlace format
  • the original stream contains several audio tracks (different languages), and the client needs to feed only one track (its own language) into the SDI-infrastructure.
Note: of course this task has nothing to do with SRT protocol. But nevertheless we decided to add this functionality to SRT MiniServer.
Proposed solution

To solve the task we need SRT MiniServer version 2.4.6.
In this version the functionality of Caller mode has been extended: if you enable checkbox "Network url", you will see a line to enter the address. You can enter a link to HLS, RTMP, RTSP, MPEG TS-stream.
If you enable checkbox "Always on" then SRT MiniServer will do automatic reconnection if the signal is lost for some reason.
For SDI output in SRT MiniServer there is SDI Out Addon. In it you can specify in what format to output the video stream. In this case the client specified FullHD@50i. Thus the incoming Progressive signal will be converted to Interlace. Also our client specified which audio tracks should be sent to SDI.
How it works in practice, you can see in our video:

If you are interested in this task, you can test the described scheme free of charge by downloading trial versions of the products from our site (DOWNLOAD).

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