Receiving a stream from a news aggregator

Conditions of the problem

Our client had a task: to take a video stream from a third-party news aggregator and send it to the SDI path in his studio. There are the following conditions:

  • the source signal is provided in the Progressive format, and the client's SDI path requires the Interlace format
  • the original stream contains several audio tracks (different languages), and the client needs to send only one track (its own language) to the SDI path
  • it should be possible to quickly view the incoming signal on any studio computer
Note: in this particular case, the news aggregator used LiveU software to distribute news streams, but our proposed solution will also work with other servers.
Proposed solution

To solve this problem we need an SRT MiniServer.
Let's take advantage of the fact that it can work in Caller mode, that is, it can connect to the stream provider itself.
Accordingly, to connect to the news aggregator, it is enough to specify the connection parameters.
For output to SDI, SRT MiniServer has an SDI Out Addon. Here you can specify in what format the video stream should be sent. In this case, the client specified FullHD@50i. This way the incoming Progressive signal will be converted to Interlace. Our client also specified which audio tracks should be sent to SDI.
In order for the editorial staff to be able to view the incoming signal at any time, its retransmission via UDP multicast to the local network was configured. This way, editorial staff can watch the video stream using the standard VLC player.

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