PTZ and Tally via SRT

Our clients are increasingly using PTZ-cameras in their practice. Accordingly we began to receive questions about whether it is possible to control the PTZ-camera and Tally remotely while in the studio.
We are pleased to announce that we have added this functionality. For our scheme you will need:

  1. SRT Mini Server (studio side)
  2. SRT Streamer Pro (site side)


The scheme works as follows:

  • SRT Mini Server receives Tally information from the switcher (vMix for example)
  • SRT Streamer Pro when connected to the SRT Mini Server begins to receive Tally information from it via the SRT protocol
  • SRT Streamer Pro broadcasts received Tally information to cameras
See more details here
PTZ-camera control

The scheme works as follows:

  1. SRT Mini Server imitates a PTZ-camera: PTZ-controller detects it as a PTZ-camera (via TCP or UDP). So SRT MiniServer can receive PTZ-commands from PTZ-controller
  2. SRT Streamer Pro when connected to the SRT Mini Server, begins to receive PTZ-commands from the SRT Mini Server via the SRT protocol
  3. SRT Streamer Pro broadcasts received PTZ-commands to a PTZ-camera
  4. PTZ-camera after receiving a PTZ-command generates a response which is received by SRT Streamer Pro
  5. SRT Streamer Pro forwards this response to the SRT Mini Server which in turn sends it to the PTZ-controller
For information on how to configure the operation of this scheme see here
Questions and answers

1) Does this scheme only work with one PTZ-camera?

The described scheme is designed to work with several cameras. For example using one SRT Streamer Pro on site you can control four cameras from the Studio.

2) Will this work through SRT-proxy?

Yes, the scheme is fully compatible with our SRT-proxy. Even if you don't have a dedicated IP address in your studio you can use this.

3) Will all PTZ-functions be available?

Yes. We have implemented a scheme for pass-through transmission of PTZ-commands and PTZ-responses. This means that the PTZ-camera and PTZ-controller communicate as if they were directly connected.

4) What are the requirements for a PTZ-camera and controller?

Both must support IP-based protocol. In our tests we used VISCA over IP (TCP and UDP). The main thing is that the camera and controller are compatible with each other (see previous question)

5) What can I use as Tally Lights?

The current version of SRT Streamer Pro can enable Tally Lights on NDI-cameras. There is also a web-interface that allows you to use a smartphone as Tally Lights. More details here. We are planning to add other Tally systems. Send your wishes to


You can try this scheme by downloading trial versions of products from our website (DOWNLOAD)

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