UDP multicast to other city

Conditions of the problem

Our client in city A has a video stream source available via UDP multicast (IP TV network). He has the task of transmitting this video stream to his partner in city B.

It is necessary to transmit the signal “as is,” that is, without transcoding or changing quality. There is no possibility of organizing (renting) a dedicated high-speed channel between points, so the problem must be solved only using the public Internet.
Proposed solution

To successfully solve this problem we will need two programs:

  • SRT Streamer Pro (source side)

  • SRT MiniServer (on the receiver side).

Both programs have quite a wide range of functionality, but to solve this problem, let’s pay attention to their following capabilities.

SRT Streamer Pro is a multi-channel SRT encoder. It allows you to capture video streams via SDI/NDI, as well as UDP multicast. At the same time, it can convert UDP multicast to the SRT protocol without transcoding. It is this opportunity that should be used in this task to transmit data over the public Internet without loss with minimal delay.

On the other hand, the SRT MiniServer program allows you to receive an SRT stream, “pull” the original MPEG-TS from it and publish it to the local network via UDP multicast.

Thus, to transmit the signal “as is” the following scheme emerges:

The described scheme makes it possible to organize budget retransmission of TV channels between cities using the public Internet. This design is basic, but can easily be extended to more complex configurations.

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