SRTMiniServer 1.8

12 Aug 2021


This big update covers the following topics:

Conference Addon
  • add desktop and screen area capture
  • optimization for TV Guest
  • save parameters
  • small fixes and improvements
TimeCodeSync (sync between few encoders)
  • support timecode for HEVC. We tested it with JVC cams and Magewell Ultra Encoder.
  • memory leak fix and small improvements
  • add logo overlay
  • support only audio output. You can use it for example with Dante Virtual Device
  • fixes for stability
  • autostart option (applied for custom proxy only)
  • UI improvements
  • add FPS for StreamToStudio and LarixBroadcaster
  • add support for SyncBroadcaster (it's new Android app, comming soon)
Alpha-channel support

Now you can send content with alpha-channel. You need use SRTStreamer 0.9 for this.More details see here.


Add Virtual Cam mode

Now SRTMiniServer provides outputs as virtual devices. So you can use outputs without NDI.
NOTES: it's experimental feature yet


  • small fixes and improvements

SRTStreamer 0.9

12 Авг 2021


  • Alpha-channel support (read here)
  • Audio-channel configuration. You can select audio channels for sending by SRT.
  • Encoder specific options (CBR/VBR, preset) (for Intel and NVidia)


SRTStreamer 0.8

  • add SRT encryption (Passphrase & PBKeyLen)
  • add Timecode synchronization between locations (here)


SRTStreamer 0.8

SRTMiniServer 1.7.6

26 March 2021

  • LinkGenerator: we added LarixBroadcaster Talkback configuration by QR and Link
  • fix decoding for mp2-audio


SRTMiniServer 1.7.5

19 March 2021

  • huge perfomance optimization for Conference Addon and fix audio issue
  • add TimeCode Sync Addon ( details )
  • fix bugs

imageTimeCodeSync addon


SRTMiniServer 1.7

25 Feb 2021

This big update covers the following topics:

  • Link Generator
  • SDI Out Addon
  • Support for Larix Talback
  • Watchdog for buffer
  • Conference


More detailed:

Before start it asks you what is server url you would use.For example: if Proxy Addon is runngin then Link Generator suggests using it.


SDI Out Addon

Totally new SDI Out Addon. Now it supports multichannel outputs.
Also it uses SRT-->SDI chain instead SRT-->NDI-->SDI in previous version. It means performance and quality optimization.
This addon included directly inside server and you don't need separate install it.

imagethe addon supports output to file also

Support for Larix Talkback

Last version of Larix Broadcaster app offer Talkback feature: it allows play audio feed from Studio.We added support this feature to our server.Just use same SRT params for Talkback settings in Larix Broadcaster with only one update: add #talkback suffix to stream id.

imagesettings for Talkback connection

It's useful for Anroid users because Stream To Studio(with video/audio feedback) exists only for iOS.

Watchdog for buffer

We added new field called “Critical Delay”. The server resets buffers when the video buffer exceeds this value.
Recommended value is "Start Delay" plus 500ms (or more). Set it to zero if you don't need watchdog.


Conference Addon

This addon created to make SRT-conference easy.Every participant will get:

  • common video feed
  • mix-minus audio feed

No heavy setup for CrossLine and audio - this addon does this automatically.Also it allows use NDI feed as master (from vMix or Tricaster for example).

This apps can be used by participants:

  • RemoteExpert (Windows)
  • SRTStreamer (Windows)
  • Stream to Studio (iOS)
  • Larix Broadcaster (version with Talkback) (iOS & Android)
  • vMix (Windows)
  • OBS (Windows & macOS)

notes: how to play feedback in vMix or OBS see here


This addon marked as BETA because we are still working on it. We will be glad any feedback about it.

SRTStreamer 0.7

03 Feb 2021

  • AJA devices (input/output) support
  • Capture Preview window
  • Add Interlace modes
  • External output for stream from Studio (not only NDI). You can send it to SDI etc.


imageCapture Preview (active after Start streaming)

imageInterlace modes

if1 - Field 1 (Top) first (common for PAL)

if2 - Field 2 (Bottom) first (common for NTSC, DV (both PAL and NTSC) )

imageExternal Output (file or SDI/HDMI device)

SRTMiniServer 1.6.1

24 Dec 2020

Critical fix: fixed crash during stream to last line (4, 8,12, or 16).

SRTMiniServer 1.6

10 Dec 2020

  • Add title for each line
  • You can change NDI source name template (in Settings)
  • Cross-line improvements
    • Shows title of line in right column
    • Quick select/deselect column (just click on header)
    • Presets
  • Option for auto-start remote control web server
  • Advanced integration with RemoteExpert 1.0:
    • Number generation for easy connect
    • Remote slide-listing: expert can lists slides on your side

imageTitles for lines

imageNDI source name template

imageCross-line improvements

imageNumber for easy connect by RemoteExpert

imageSlide-listing: remote expert lists presentation on your PC

RemoteExpert 1.0

10 Dec 2020

  • New user interface
  • Connect by number
  • Capture a specific window
  • Remote slide listing on Studio side



SRTStreamer 0.6.3

04 Sept 2020

  • added "Auto re-connection limit". It's helpful for setup auto-reconnection.


SRTStreamer 0.6.2

01 Sept 2020

  • added 24 & 48 fps (suggested by film production company)
  • fixed "Speed Test" function


SRTMiniServer 1.5

31 August 2020

  • Improve Cross-Line feature: you can change it on fly
  • Start with config now supported »
  • RemoteControl: you can use browser for control server. For example iPhone for control server.Also preview in browser is supported »
  • Web-API: you can read and manage the server by your script (for example by python or php) »
  • "Stick" Port for ProxyAddon »
  • Many optimization and fix bugs


imageNew Cross-Line Manage Panel

you can see info in browser

SRT Streamer 0.6

30 Jun 2020

  • Auto-reconnection
  • BMD devices support
  • Multi-channels audio support.

About multi-channels audio: you can send and play multi-channels audio, and flexible control it for play.

For example: Studio send "Music + Eng voice+ China voice + Spain voice" channels to all participants as one feedback stream.So every participants can mute not-usable channels.

see post about TeleConference



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