SRTStreamer 0.6.3

04 Sept 2020

  • added "Auto re-connection limit". It's helpful for setup auto-reconnection.


SRTStreamer 0.6.2

01 Sept 2020

  • added 24 & 48 fps (suggested by film production company)
  • fixed "Speed Test" function


SRTMiniServer 1.5

31 August 2020

  • Improve Cross-Line feature: you can change it on fly
  • Start with config now supported »
  • RemoteControl: you can use browser for control server. For example iPhone for control server. Also preview in browser is supported »
  • Web-API: you can read and manage the server by your script (for example by python or php) »
  • "Stick" Port for ProxyAddon »
  • Many optimization and fix bugs


image New Cross-Line Manage Panel

you can see info in browser

SRT Streamer 0.6

30 Jun 2020

  • Auto-reconnection
  • BMD devices support
  • Multi-channels audio support.

About multi-channels audio: you can send and play multi-channels audio, and flexible control it for play.

For example: Studio send "Music + Eng voice+ China voice + Spain voice" channels to all participants as one feedback stream. So every participants can mute not-usable channels.

see post about TeleConference



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