Synchronization between locations

We introduce new feature: synchronization SRT feeds by timecode between PC & iPhones.It allows synchronize many feeds for next production steps.

For play with it you need:

  • SRTMiniServer 1.7.7
  • SRTStreamer 0.8
  • Stream To Studio 1.2


SRTStreamer (Win) and Stream To Studio(iOS) usestandard way called "VITC" (Vertical Interval Timecode )

This approach adds black-white points at top of image:

Let me note: this standard was popular and supported in pro-tv systems

How it works

  • start streams from few SRTStreamer and Stream To Studio app (turn on Insert Timecode option)
  • run TimeCode Sync addon from SRTMiniServer
  • add lines to addon
  • press "Auto balance"
  • now you can use NDI source called "TimeCodeSync-*" in vMix, Tricaster etc

SRTStreamer: turn on Insert Timecode option

Stream to Studio: turn on Timecode option

run TimeCode Sync addon

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