TalkBackManager - a new way to communicate with reporters

Among our clients, different scenarios using mobile reporters are gaining more and more popularity, which instead of professional cameras use modern Iphone and Android smartphones.
In such scenarios, it is required to maintain feedback with the reporter.
As you know, SRTMiniServer provides such an opportunity for a long time. During this time, we received a lot of ideas and suggestions to improve this functionality.
And now let us tell you about a new addon that is designed to improve the organization of feedback with mobile reporters. We named this addon TalkBackManager (TBM). It allows the director to communicate with mobile reporters in a convenient way (voice only).

Its main advantages:
  • easy to use, no cross-line table configuration required;
  • distributed as a separate program and can be installed on the director's laptop, not on the server;
  • there is the possibility of a quick tête-à-tête mode;
  • dynamic connection/disconnection of reporters;
  • mode of keeping the reporter on the line (on hold mode);
  • compatible with Larix Broadcaster (IOS and Android), Stream to Studio software and JVC cameras.
   For example, the director communicates with 4 reporters. With TalkBackManager, he can see live streams from them and talk to everyone. If necessary, he can switch to a private mode with the selected reporter for a while.
   This functionality is available in SRTMiniServer starting from version 2.1.


  • Download TalkBackManager and our other products here.

  • Instructions for using TalkBackManager: help.