SRT Streamer PRO
easily transmit multiple SDI / HDMI / NDI streams from any location to the studio with simplicity using our power software
power of software
Key features
The SRT Streamer PRO app captures multiple sources, converts them into a unified format, encodes and transmits them to the Studio.

  • Multiple SDI & HDMI & NDI inputs
  • created for 24x7x365 scenarios with auto-reconnect
  • Progressive & Interlaced mode
  • H264 / HEVC / MPEG-2
  • Software and hardware encoding
  • Loss-Less mode for transmit without drops
easy setup
Easy setup by WEB-interface
SRT Streamer PRO features a user-friendly web interface, allowing you to control it conveniently from your tablet or smartphone.
advanced power
Two-way communication
SRT Streamer PRO allows playback feed from Studio and show this signal to SDI / NDI / HDMI devices.
create your own encoding kit
Our software. Your hardware.
Customize your encoding kit to fit your unique needs. Take advantage of your existing SDI/HDMI capture card and easily upgrade as needed.

any feedback is welcome
Windows 10, 64 bit