June 29, 2022

CrossLine: organization of teleconferences

As you probably know, SRTMiniServer is not only a decoder. Unlike Hardware solutions, SRTMiniServer also offers application functionality for solving typical tasks during online events. These include the functionality called CrossLine. It is designed to route SRT streams between lines.

In this article, we would like to describe our client's case involving the use of such functionality. According to the requests that we receive, we can say that this case is quite typical. It has to do with an organization of a teleconference between several cities (locations). The example of this case will demonstrate you how the CrossLine functionality of our SRTMiniServer helps to held such teleconferences.

Let us suppose we have several locations in different cities: New York, Chicago,

Seattle, San Francisco.
Our client faced the following task:

  1. in each of the cities, the audience is located in a conference hall and they can see other cities on the big screen. The main presenters are located in the central hall in New York.
  2. There are stream teams working on-the-spot who are responsible for the work on their locations and have vMix. They are also responsible for the master image, which is displayed on the screen to those present in the hall. Note that the main master picture may differ from the master picture in other cities. Thus, the stream team should have arbitrary flexibility in the generation of the image.
  3. Each participant must receive a signal from other participants, thus a multipoint teleconference plan is obtained.

Multipoint Conference

Our client chose the following plan:

  • SRTMiniServer works in the central studio (16 lines)
  • from each location, an SRT signal is sent to the central studio to the SRTMiniServer from vMix
  • CrossLine configuration is enabled on SRTMiniServer as shown in the figure below

CrossLine Configuration

  • vMixs of participants are also connected to SRTMiniServer in reading mode, and thus each participant can receive an SRT stream from any other participant (thanks to the CrossLine configuration). The central studio also receives streams from all participants and can generate a master stream.

Schematic model of streams for each location


You can easily copy this model with the help of our SRTMiniServer. The following SRTMiniServer features are used in this schematic model: