Brief overview of recent updates

We recently released an update for SRT Mini Server and SRT Streamer. A significant innovation is the introduction of a mode called "Loss-Less" (lossless). This mode allows you to transfer the stream at maximum speed and without any data loss through the SRT protocol. We'll look at this possibility in more detail below.

SRT Streamer 0.9.5

A new mode has been introduced called "LL" (Loss-Less), which does not require latency to be specified, so the latency field is automatically hidden when LL mode is activated. It is worth noting that the LL mode will only work when using SRT Mini Server 2.3 on the recipient side.
Advantages of LL mode:
  • no latency setting required
  • provides a higher transfer rate than normal SRT mode
  • guaranteed data delivery.

SRT Mini Server 2.3

In this release, in addition to adding the LL mode, the following amendments have also been made:

Change 1
Added function to display information about sound, tracks and channels

Change 2
Now you can select audio channels for RTMP restreaming

Change 3
Implemented support for frame rate of 120 per second (fps), which allows the use of SRTMini Server with high-speed cameras, such as AIDA.
You can download the update on this page