SRT Streamer Lite

powerful free SRT encoder
with return-video playback


  • Easy to use
  • Compatible with any SRT decoders and servers
    you can send the signal to any SRT decoder, including HW decoders, to vMix and OBS, and to various services including YouTube.
  • Input: SDI , HDMI, NDI , Web-cam, Desktop
  • Output: SRT
    supports standard SRT and SRT-LossLess mode
  • Multi-channel audio support
  • Two-way communication: playback the video signal from the Studio
    it allows for a full dialog between the Location and the Studio.
    Supports SDI and NDI output for returned feed from Studio
  • Timecode Synch
  • Alpha-channel support
  • Software and hardware encoding (Intel or NVIDIA based)
  • Interlace & Progressive
  • H264 , HEVC, MPEG 2
any feedback is welcome
Windows 10 /11, 64 bit